Penn State University Bitcoin Club

The Penn State University Bitcoin Club (PSUBTC) is a diverse conglomeration of Penn State University students focused on the promoting and educating students and the public about the advantages of bitcoin and blockchain technology. Our main areas of focus consist of education and advocacy, small business development, and philanthropy.


Education and Advocacy

Bitcoin has been called the most important technological development since the Internet. Throughout the year we run educational events and seminars to promote bitcoin awareness and use.

Small Business Development

Bitcoin allows small businesses to cut credit card fees and retain profits. We help small business integrate bitcoin for payments through technology on-boarding and one-on-one consultations.

Philanthropic Campaigns

Bitcoin unifies our global society under one currency making it the perfect platform for philanthropy. Year round, we run and promote campaigns that utilize bitcoin for philanthropic purposes.

Industry Leading Speakers

Every month, throughout the year, we bring in speakers who are leading the bitcoin industry to speak on topics relating to what they do and where they see bitcoin’s future in our everyday lives.

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