The Penn State University Bitcoin Club (PSUBTC) was founded in March, 2014. Shortly after, it was one of the founding members of the College Cryptocurrency Network, an international conglomeration of college bitcoin clubs. PSUBTC’s goal is to promote the use and awareness of bitcoin and blockchain technology here at Penn State University and in the State College community. The three branches of the club are education and advocacy, small business development, and philanthropy. Our educational initiatives involve monthly bitcoin meetups which are usually accompanied by a guest speaker and regular bitcoin workshops in the HUB to promote and introduce students to bitcoin.

Our small business development branch focuses on helping businesses expand their profits by accepting bitcoin. Bitcoin allows merchants to cut fees associated with credit cards and opens them up to a global economy. We introduce small business owners to bitcoin, explain to them how it can change their business, and we onboard bitcoin merchant technology through community workshops and one-on-one consultations. The last branch of the organization is philanthropy. We help promote various philanthropic and charitable efforts that accept bitcoin and help promote charities to accept bitcoin. Since bitcoin is a global asset, it is the perfect platform for reaching charities and other non-profits around the world.